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Sonic The Hedgehog in Tales of Mobius is an action RPG using RPG Maker MV, but don't let that put you off, you haven't truly seen a real Sonic RPG until now.

Set on Planet Mobius, Our hero Sonic, has been taking it easy lately, it's been over many weeks since Dr Ivo Robotnik, has threatened the inhabitants of South Island, Where Sonic and his friends resides.

Until one day, Tails, Sonic's two tailed best friend fox, discovers the evil Dr Robotnik's Death Egg spaceship, looming nearby South Island.

It looks like Sonic's "break" is over and time to get back into action!

Install instructions

Users MAY need  JavaScript installed on their computers in order to play the game.


Sonic IN Tales of Mobius - revival v3.0 DEMO.zip 430 MB


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sonic? sonic soniccccccccccccccccccccccccc!

Loved Studio Blue's video of the game play! I'll have to give it a shot soon.

Thanks dude, sorry a bit late in replaying, not been on here for a while lol

Yo peeps! I'm in the middle of improving and tweaking stuff in the demo, version 3.2 should be coming soon and that will be the FINAL version until the full game completion.